On February 4, 1980.


On February 4, 1980, “Sire” label released “End of the Century”, the fifth Ramones studio album. It was recorded in May 1979, and was produced by Phil Spector. The album was the first release without original member Tommy Ramone, who in 1978 left the band but produced their previous album “Road to Ruin”.


  • Joey Ramone– lead vocals
  • Johnny Ramone– guitar
  • Dee Dee Ramone– bass, backing vocals
  • Marky Ramone– drums
  • Dan Kessel – guitar
  • David Kessel – guitar
  • Barry Goldberg- piano, organ
  • Steve Douglas– saxophone
  • Jim Keltner- drums

Track Listing:

All tracks by Joey Ramone, Johnny Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone, Marky Ramone and Dan Kessel, except where noted.

  1. Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio?
  2. I’m Affected
  3. Danny Says
  4. Chinese Rock – Dee Dee Ramone, Richard Hell
  5. The Return of Jackie and Judy
  6. Let’s Go
  7. Baby I Love You – Phil Spector,Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich
  8. I Can’t Make It on Time
  9. This Ain’t Havana
  10. Rock ‘n’ Roll High School
  11. All the Way
  12. High Risk Insurance



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