On January 30, 1995.


On January 30, 1995, “Hard Hands” label released “Leftism”, the debut Leftfield studio album. It was recorded in 1994, at the “Rollover Studios” in London, and was produced by Paul Daley and Neil Barnes.


  • Paul Daley, Neil Barnes – main performers
  • Kevin Hayes – berimbau
  • Earl Sixteen, Cheshire Cat, Papa Dee, Djum Djum, Toni Halliday, Danny Red, John Lydon, Lemn Sissay – vocals

Track listing:

  1. Release the Pressure – lyrics by Neil Barnes, Paul Daley, Earl Daley
  2. Afro-Left – lyrics by Neil Barnes, Paul Daley, Djum Djum
  3. Melt – Neil Barnes and Paul Daley
  4. Song of Life – Neil Barnes, Paul Daley, Yanka Rupkina
  5. Original – Neil Barnes, Paul Daley and Toni Halliday
  6. Black Flute – Neil Barnes, Paul Daley
  7. Space Shanty – Neil Barnes, Paul Daley
  8. Inspection – Neil Barnes, Paul Daley, Daniel Clarke
  9. Storm 3000 – Paul Daley and Neil Barnes
  10. Open Up – Neil Barnes, Paul Daley, John Lydon
  11. 21st Century Poem – Neil Barnes, Paul Daley

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