On January 25, 1973.


On January 25, 1973, “Warner Bros” released “Dixie Chicken”, the third Little Feat studio album. It was recorded in 1972, and was produced by Lowell George.


  • Paul Barrere– guitar, vocals
  • Sam Clayton– congas
  • Lowell George– vocals, guitar, cowbell, flute
  • Kenny Gradney– bass
  • Richie Hayward– drums, backing vocals
  • Bill Payne– keyboards, synthesizer, vocals
  • Bonnie Bramlett– backing vocals
  • Malcolm Cecil– synthesizer
  • Milt Holland– tabla
  • Gloria Jones, Debbie Lindsey, Bonnie Raitt, Stephanie Spurville,
  • Tret Fure, Danny Hutton – backing vocals
  • Fred Tackett– guitar
  • Neon Park- cover art

Track listing:

  1. Dixie Chicken – Lowell George, Fred Martin
  2. Two Trains – Lowell George
  3. Roll Um Easy – Lowell George
  4. On Your Way Down – Allen Toussaint
  5. Kiss It Off – Lowell George
  6. Fool Yourself – Fred Tackett
  7. Walkin All Night – Paul Barrère, Bill Payne
  8. Fat Man in the Bathtub – Lowell George
  9. Juliette – Lowell George
  10. Lafayette Railroad – Lowell George, Bill Payne



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