On January 18, 1994.


On January 18, 1994, “Sub Pop” label released “Whiskey for the Holy Ghost”, the second Mark Lanegan solo . It was recorded in 1993, at the “Ironwood, Riciprocal, & Steve Lawson Studios” in Seattle, and at “WA, & Messina Music” in New York, and was produced by Mike Johnson and Mark Lanegan.


  • Mark Lanegan– vocals, guitar
  • John Agnello – engineer, mixing
  • Krisha Augerot – background vocals
  • Sally Barry – background vocal
  • Frank Cody – organ, piano
  • Tad Doyle – drums
  • Kurt Fedora – bass
  • Mike Johnson– organ, bass, harmonica, piano, background vocals, slide and acoustic guitar
  • Dave Kreuger – violin
  • J Mascis– drums
  • Dan Peters– drums
  • Mark Pickerel– drums
  • Mike Stinette – saxophone
  • Phil Sparks – bowed bass, upright bass
  • Ted Trewhella – piano
  • Justin Williams – organ
  • Terry Date, Ed Brooks, Jack Endino – engineer
  • Bob Ludwig– mastering

Tracks listing:

All tracks by Mark Lanegan.

  1. The River Rise
  2. Borracho
  3. House a Home
  4. Kingdoms of Rain
  5. Carnival
  6. Riding the Nightingale
  7. El Sol
  8. Dead on You
  9. Shooting Gallery
  10. Sunrise
  11. Pendulum
  12. Judas Touch
  13. Beggar’s Blues


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