On December 29, 1971.

America - America

On December 29, 1971, “Warner Bros” label released the debut, self-titled America studio album. It was recorded in 1971, at the “Trident Studios” and “Morgan Studios” in London, and was produced by Ian Samwell and Jeff Dexter. The album was initially released without the track “A Horse with No Name”, which was released as a single in late 1971. When “A Horse with No Name” became a worldwide hit in early 1972, the album was re-released with that track. The album was certified Platinum in the US by the “RIAA”.


  • Dewey Bunnell– lead and backing vocals, 6-string acoustic guitar
  • Gerry Beckley – lead and backing vocals, bass, 6 and 12-string acoustic guitars ,electric guitar, chimes, piano
  • Dan Peek– lead and backing vocals, 12-string acoustic guitars, electric guitar, piano, bass
  • David Lindley– electric and steel guitar
  • Dave Atwood –drums
  • Kim Haworth – drums
  • Ray Cooper– percussion
  • Nigel Waymouth – design, photography
  • Flash Fox –logo, graphics

Track listing:

  1. Riverside – Dewey Bunnell
  2. Sandman – Dewey Bunnell
  3. Three Roses – Dewey Bunnell
  4. Children – Dewey Bunnell
  5. Here – Dewey Bunnell
  6. I Need You – Gerry Beckley
  7. Rainy Day – Dan Peek
  8. Never Found the Time – Dan Peek
  9. Clarice – Gerry Beckley
  10. Donkey Jaw – Dan Peek
  11. Pigeon Song – Dewey Bunnell

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