On November 21, 1975.


On November 21, 1975, “EMI” label released “A Night at the Opera”, the fourth Queen studio album. It was recorded August – November 1975, at the “Sarm”, “Roadhouse”, “Olympic Studios”, “Scorpio and Lansdowne”, and was produced by Roy Thomas Baker, Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John deacon . The album is named by the name of Marx Bros. movie “A Night at the Opera”.


  • Freddie Mercury– lead and backing vocals, piano, jangle piano, woodwind vocalizations
  • Brian May– lead and backing vocals, guitars, ukulele, toy koto , harp, orchestral backdrops
  • Roger Taylor– lead vocals, drums, percussion, brass vocalizations, backing vocals
  • John Deacon– bass guitar, double-bass, Wurlitzer electric piano
  • David Costa –art direction

Track listing:

  1. Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To…) – Freddie Mercury
  2. Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon – Freddie Mercury
  3. I’m In Love With My Car – Roger Taylor
  4. You’re My Best Friend – John Deacon
  5. 39 – Brian May
  6. Sweet Lady – Brian May
  7. Seaside Rendezvous – Freddie Mercury
  8. The Prophet’s Song – Brian May
  9. Love Of My Life – Freddie Mercury
  10. Good Company – Brian May
  11. Bohemian Rhapsody – Freddie Mercury
  12. God Save The Queen – arr. By Brian May

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