Sade: Promise


On November 4m 1985, “Epic Records” released “Promise”, the second Sade studio album. “Promise” was recorded at the “Power Plant Studios” in London and at “Studio Miraval” in France, and was produced by Robin Millar, Mike Pela, Ben Rogan and Sade.


  • Sade Adu– vocals
  • Stuart Matthewman– guitar, saxophone
  • Carlos Bonell – guitar
  • Andrew Hale – keyboards
  • Paul Denman– bass guitar
  • Martin Dicham – percussion
  • Dave Early – drums, percussion
  • Terry Balley – trumpet
  • Peter Beachill – trombone
  • Nick Ingman – string arrangements
  • Jake Jacas – vocals
  • Graham Smith – design
  • Toshi Yajima – photography

Track listing:

  1. Is It a Crime – Sade Adu. Stuart Mathnewman, Andrew Hale
  2. The Sweetest Taboo – Sade Adu, Martin Ditcham
  3. War of the Hearts – Sade Adu, Stuart Matthnewman
  4. You’re Not the Man – Sade Adu, Stuart Matthnewman
  5. Jezabel – Sade Adu, Stuart Matthnewman
  6. Mr. Wrong – Sade Adu, Andrew Hale, Paul Denman
  7. Punch Drunk – Hale Paul Denman
  8. Never as Good as the First Time – Sade Adu, Stuart Matthnewman
  9. Fear – Sade Adu and Stuart Matthnewman
  10. Tar baby – Sade Adu, Stuart Matthnewman
  11. Maureen – Sade Adu, Andrew Hale, Paul Denman

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