On October 24, 1988.


On October 24, 1988, “4AD” label released “The Serpent’s Egg”, the fourth Dead Can Dance studio album. Majority of the album was recorded at the “Isle of Dogs” in London, and was produced by Brendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard and John A. Rivers.


  • Lisa Gerrard– vocals
  • Brendan Perry– vocals, hurdy-gurdy
  • Alison Harling – violin
  • Rebecca Jackson – violin
  • Andrew Beesley – viola
  • Sarah Buckley – viola
  • Tony Gamage – cello
  • David Navarro Sust – vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry.

  1. The Host of Seraphin
  2. Orbis de Ignis
  3. Severance
  4. The Writing on My Father’s Hand
  5. In the Kingdom of the Blind the One Eyed Are Kings
  6. Chant of the Paladin
  7. Song of Sophia
  8. Echolalia
  9. Mother Tonhue
  10. Ulysses

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