On October 1, 1973.


On October 1, 1973, “Atlantic” label released “Spectrum”, the debut Billy Cobham album. It was recorded in May 1973 at the “Electric Lady Studios”, in  New York City, and was produced by Ken Scott.


  • Billy Cobham – drums
  • Tommy Bolin – guitar
  • John Tropea – guitar
  • Jan Hammer- acoustic and electric piano, Moog synthesizer
  • Ron Carter- acoustic bass
  • Lee Sklar- bass guitar
  • Joe Farrell- soprano and alto saxophone
  • Jimmy Owens – trumpet, flugelhor
  • Ray Barretto- congas

Track listing:

All tracks by Billy Cobham.

  1. Quadrant 4
  2. Searching for the Right Door / Spectrum
  3. Anxiety / Taurian Matador
  4. Stratus
  5. To the Women in My Life / Le Lis
  6. Snoopy’s Search / Red Baron

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