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On September 22, 1998.

On September 22, 1998, “Reprise” label released “Tomorrow Hit Today”, the fifth Mudhoney studio album. It was recorded January – February 1998, and was produced by Jim Dickinson, Mark Arm, Steve Turner, Matt Lukin and Dan Peters.


  • Mark Arm- vocals, guitar, organ
  • Steve Turner- guitar
  • Matt Lukin- bass guitar
  • Dan Peters- drums, percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Mark Arm, Steve Turner, Matt Lukin and Dan Peters, except where noted:

  1. A Thousand Forms of Mind
  2. I Have to Laugh
  3. Oblivion
  4. Try to Be Kind
  5. Poisoned Water
  6. Real Low Vibe
  7. This Is the Life
  8. Night of the Hunted
  9. Move with the Wind
  10. Ghost – Cheater Slicks
  11. I Will Fight No More Forever
  12. Beneath the Valley of the Underdog