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On September 14, 2011.

On September 14, 2011, “Roadrunner Records” label released “Heritage”, the tenth Opeth studio album. It was recorded January – February 2011, at “Atlantis Studios: in Stockholm, and was produced by Mikael Åkerfeldt.


  • Mikael Åkerfeldt– vocals, guitar, Mellotron, grand piano, sound effects, mixing, engineering
  • Fredrik Åkesson– guitar
  • Per Wiberg– grand piano, Mellotron, Rhodes piano, Hammond B3
  • Martín Méndez– bass guitar, upright bass
  • Martin Axenrot– drums, percussion
  • Alex Acuña– percussion
  • Björn J:son Lindh– flute
  • Joakim Svalberg– grand piano
  • Charlie Dodd – sound effects
  • Steven Wilson– mixing, effects engineering, vocal engineering
  • Peter Mew– mastering
  • Janne Hansson – engineering
  • Jasper Schuurmans – project coordinator
  • Sandra Artigas – photography
  • Travis Smith– art direction

Track listing:

All tracks by Mikael Åkerfeldt.

  1. Heritage
  2. The Devil’s Orchard
  3. I Feel the Dark
  4. Slither
  5. Nepenthe
  6. Häxprocess
  7. Famine
  8. The Lines in My Hand
  9. Folklore
  10. Marrow of the Earth

On May 27, 2016.

On May 27, 2016, “English Electric” label released “Folklore”, the ninth Big Big Train studio album. It was recorded in 2016, at “English Electric Studios”, “Aubitt Studios”, “Real World Studios”, “Sweetwater Studios”, “Ashwood Studios”, “Regal Lane Studios”, and was produced by Danny Manners, David Longdon, Rachel Hall, Rikard Sjöblom, Nick D’Virgilio, Greg Spawton, Andy Poole and Dave Gregory.


  • David Longdon- lead and backing vocals, flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin, percussion
  • Danny Manners – keyboards, double bass
  • Rachel Hall – violin, voila, cello, backing vocals
  • Rikard Sjöblom – keyboards, guitars, accordion, backing vocals
  • Nick D’Virgilio- drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Greg Spawton – acoustic guitar, bass guitar, bass pedals, backing vocs
  • Andy Poole – acoustic guitar, mandolin, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Dave Gregory– guitars

Track listing (CD release):

  1. Folklore – David Longdon
  2. London Plane – Greg Spawton
  3. Along the Ridgeway – Greg Spawton
  4. Salisbury Giant – Greg Spawton
  5. The Transit of Venus Across the Sun – Greg Spawton
  6. Wassail – David Longdon
  7. Winkie – David Longdon
  8. Brooklands – Greg Spawton
  9. Telling the Bees – David Longdon