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Runrig: The Stamping Ground

On May 6, 2001, “Ridge Records” label released “The Stamping Ground”, the eleventh Runrig studio album. It was recorded in 2000, at “CaVa Studios” in Glasgow, Scotland, “Lundgaard Studios” in Denmark, “Junk!” in São Paulo, Brazil, and was produced by Kristian Gislason, Paul Mounsey, Iain Bayne, Bruce Guthro, Malcolm Jones, Calum Macdonald, Rory Macdonald and Peter Wishart.


  • Bruce Guthro: lead vocals
  • Malcolm Jones: guitars, accordion
  • Peter Wishart: keyboards
  • Rory Macdonald: vocals, bass guitar
  • Iain Bayne: drums, percussion
  • Calum Macdonald: percussion
  • Jon Anderskou: cello
  • Michael Bannister: mellotron
  • Alyth MacCormack: vocals
  • Robin Rankin: keyboards
  • Betina Stegmann: fiddle
  • Aidan O’Rourke: fiddle

Track listing:

  1. Book of Golden Stories
  2. The Stamping Ground
  3. An Sabhal aig Nèill 
  4. Wall of China / One Man
  5. The Engine Room
  6. One Thing
  7. The Ship
  8. The Summer Walkers
  9. Running to the Light
  10. Òran Ailein / Leaving Strathconon
  11. Big Songs of Hope and Cheer
  12. Òran