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On December 10, 2001.

On December 10, 2001, “Absurda” label released “BlueBOB”, debut David Lynch and John Neff studio album. It was recorded April 1998–March 2000, at “Aysmmetrical Studio” in Hollywood, and was produced by David Lynch and John Neff.


  • David Lynch– drums, drum effects, percussion, guitar, backing vocals, sound effects, vocals effects, sound design, ambient sound design, mixing, design, photography
  • John Neff – lead and backing vocals, guitar, bass, drums, percussion , engineering, mixing
  • Tom Baker – mastering
  • Eli Roth– photography

Track listing:

All lyrics by David Lynch, all music by David Lynch and John Neff.

  1. 9–1–1
  2. Rollin’ Down (To My House)
  3. Thank You, Judge
  4. I Cannot Do That
  5. Factory Interlude
  6. Blue Horse
  7. Bad Night
  8. Mountains Falling
  9. Go Get Some
  10. Pink Western Range
  11. Marilyn Monroe
  12. City of Dreams