Larry Graham & the Graham Central Station: My Radio Sure Sounds Good to Me

In May 1978, “Warner Bros” label released “My Radio Sure Sounds Good to Me”, the sixth Larry Graham & Graham Central Station (the first by the name Larry Graham & Graham Central Station as opposed to Graham Central Station). It was recorded in 1978, and was produced by Benny Golson and Larry Graham.


  • Larry Graham – lead and backing vocals, bass, clavinet, guitar
  • Gemi Taylor – guitar
  • Nate Ginsberg – keyboards
  • Gaylord “Flash” Birch – drums
  • Robert “Butch” Sam – keyboards, organ, piano, backing vocals
  • Tina Graham – backing vocals

Track listing:

 All tracks by Larry Graham.

  1. Pow
  2. My Radio Sure Sounds Good to Me
  3. Is It Love?
  4. Boogie Witcha, Baby
  5. It’s The Engine in Me
  6. Turn It Out
  7. Mr. Friend
  8. Are You Happy?

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