Scorpions: Humanity: Hour I

On May 14, 2007, “RCA/Sony BMG” label released “Humanity: Hour I”, the sixteenth Scorpions studio album. It was recorded October 2006 – February 2007, at “Little Big Guy Studios”, “Gentlemen’s Club”, “Glenwood Place Studios”, “Track Record Studios”, “The Village” and “Record Plant” in Los Angeles, and was produced by James Michael and Desmond Child.


  • Klaus Meine – lead vocals
  • Rudolf Schenker – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Matthias Jabs – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Paweł Mąciwoda – bass, backing vocals
  • James Kottak – drums, backing vocals
  • Billy Corgan – vocals
  • Eric Bazilian – guitar
  • John 5 – guitar
  • Russ Irwin – piano
  • Harry Sommerdahl – programming
  • Jason Paige, Jeanette Olsson – backing vocals
  • Angela Whittaker, Roman Shaw Child – voice-overs
  • David Campbell – orchestra conductor
  • Desmond Child – backing vocals, art supervision, executive producer
  • James Michael – backing vocals, engineer
  • Jules Gondar, Matt Gruber, Steve Churchyard – engineer
  • Greg Collins – mixing
  • Stephen Marcussen – mastering

Track listing:

  1. Hour 1 – Rudolf Schenker, James Michael, Desmond Child, John Lowery
  2. The Game of Life – Klaus Meine, Desmond Child, Mikael Nord Andersson, Martin Hansen
  3. We Were Born to Fly – Mathias Jabs, Eric Bazilian, Marti Frederiksen
  4. The Future Never Dies – Klaus Meine, Desmond Child, Eric Bazilian, Jason Paige, Russ Irwin
  5. You’re Lovin Me to Death – Michael Schenker, Desmond Child, Andreas Carlsson, Eric Bazilian
  6. 321 – Michael Schenker, Desmond Child, Marti Frederiksen, Jason Paige
  7. Love Will Keep Us Alive – Klaus Meine, Desmond Child, Eric Bazilian, Marti Frederiksen
  8. We Will Raise Again – Mathias Jabs, James Michael, Jason Paige, Desmond Child
  9. Your Last Song – Michael Schenker, Desmond Child, Eric Bazilian
  10. Love Is War – Mathias Jabs, James Michael, Desmond Child, Marti Frederiksen
  11. The Cross – Mathias Jabs, James Michael, Desmond Child, Marti Frederiksen
  12. Humanity – Klaus Meine, Desmond Child, Eric Bazilian

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