Flower Tracellin’ Band: Satori

On April 5, 1971, “Atlantic” label released “Satori”, the second Flower Travellin’ Band studio album. It was recorded in 1970, and was produced by Yuya Uchida and Ikuzo Prita. In 2007, “Rolling Stone Japan” magazine rated Satori #71 on their list of the “100 Greatest Japanese Rock Albums of All Time”.


  • Joe Yamanaka – vocals, arrangements
  • Hideki Ishima – guitar, arrangements
  • Jun Kozuki – bass, arrangements
  • George Wada – drums, arrangements
  • Norio Yoshizawa – mixing
  • Shinobu Ishimaru – cover art

Track listing:

All tracks by Joe Yamanaka, Hideki Ishima, Jun Kozuki and George Wada.

  1. Satori part I
  2. Satori Part II
  3. Satori Part III
  4. Satori Part IV
  5. Satori Part V

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