Deacon Blue: Riding on Tide of Love

On February 5, 2021, “Ear Music” label released “Riding on the Tide of Love”, the eleventh Deacon Blue album. It was recorded in 2020, at “The Poor House”, “Rock Nowe Studios”, and was produced by Gregor Philip and Ricky Ross.


  • Gregor Philip – vocals, guitar, keyboards, mixing
  • Lorraine McIntosh – vocals, tambourine
  • James Prime – keyboards
  • Ricky Ross – vocals, piano
  • Lewis Gordon – bass guitar
  • Dougie Vipond – drums, percussion
  • Ash Howes – programming, additional mixing
  • Andy Baldwin – mastering
  • – artwork
  • Mark K. Seager – photography

Track listing:

  1. Riding on the Tide of Love – Lorraine McIntosh, Ricky Ross
  2. She Loved the Snow – Ricky Ross
  3. Nothing’s Changed – Ricky Ross
  4. Look Up – Ricky Ross
  5. Time – Gregor Philip, Ricky Ross
  6. Send a Note Out – Ricky Ross
  7. Not Gonna Be That Girl – Gregor Philip, Ricky Ross, Tia Sillers
  8. It’s Still Early – Gregor Philip, Ricky Ross

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