Eeels: End Times

On January 19, 2010, “E-Works” and “Vagrant” label released “End Times”, the eighth Eels studio album. It was recorded December 2008 – August 2009, at “One Hitsville” and “Los Feliz” in California, and was produced by Mark Oliver Everett.


  • E – vocals, guitars, bass guitar, harmonica, piano, Optigan, Hammond B3, banjo, pump organ, Vox Continental, drums, percussion
  • Koool G Murder – bass, guitar, recording, mixing 
  • Butch – drums
  • Wayne Bergeron – French horn, horns
  • Chris Bleth – horns
  • Andy Martin – horns
  • Jim Lang – horn arrangements, recording
  • Ryan Boesch – recording, mixing
  • Robert Carranza – recording, mixing
  • Greg Collins – recording, mixing

Track listing:

All tracks by E (Mark Oliver Everett)

  1. The Beginning
  2. Gone Man
  3. In My Younger Days
  4. Mansions of Los Feliz
  5. A Line in the Dirt
  6. End Times
  7. Apple Trees
  8. Paradise Blues
  9. Nowadays
  10. Unhinged
  11. High and Lonesome
  12. I Need a Mother
  13. Little Bird
  14. On My Feet

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