The Ark: State of the Ark

On December 27, 2004, “Emi / Virgin Records” label released “State of the Ark”, the third Ark (The) studio album. It was recorded in 2004, and was produced by Jens Andersson, Nathan Larson, Ola Salo and Per Sunding.


  • Mikael Jepson – lead guitar
  • Martin Axén – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Lars “Leari” Ljungberg – bass
  • Sylvester Schlegel – drums, backing vocals
  • Ola Salo – lead vocals, percussion, keyboards
  • Jens Andersson – additional percussion, keyboards, engineer
  • Åsa Håkansson – strings
  • Mattias Rodrick – strings
  • Anna Rocén – strings
  • Erika Lilja – backing vocals
  • Maria Lilja – backing vocals
  • Erik Hjärpe – voice synthesizing

Track listing:

All tracks by Ola Salo, except where noted.

  1. This Piece of Poetry Is Meant to Do Harm
  2. Rock City Wankers
  3. Clamour for Glamour
  4. One of Us Is Gonna Die Young
  5. Let Me Down Gently
  6. Hey Kwanongoma!
  7. The Others
  8. Girl You’re Gonna Get ‘Em (Real Soon)
  9. Deliver Us from Free Will
  10. No End – lyrics by Ola Salo, music by Lars Ljungberg
  11. Trust Is Shareware

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