Art Blakeys Jazz Messengers: Hard Drive

In December 1957, “Bethlehem” label released “Hard Drive”, the ninth Art Blakey with The Jazz Messengers album. It was recorded in October 1957, in New York City, and was produced by Lee Kratf.


  • Art Blakey – drums
  • Junior Mance, Sam Dockery – piano
  • Spanky DeBrest – bass
  • Johnny Griffin – tenor saxophone
  • Bill Hardman – trumpet

Track listing:

  1. For Minors Only – Jimmy Heath
  2. Right Down Front – Johnny Griffin
  3. Deo-X – Bill Hardman
  4. Sweet Sakeena – Bill Hardman
  5. For Miles and Miles – Jimmy Heath
  6. Krafty – Johnny Griffin
  7. Late Spring – Leon Mitchell


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