Black Ivory: Baby, Won’t You Change Your Mind

In December 1972, “Today Records” and “Perception Records” labels released “Baby, Won’t You Change Your Mind”, the second Black Ivory studio album. It was recorded in 1972, and was produced by Patrick Adams and David Jordan.


  • Leroy Burgess – vocals
  • Stuart Bascombe – vocals
  • Russell Patterson – vocals
  • Patrick Adams – arranger, mixing
  • Eddie Korvin – engineer, mixing
  • David Jordan – mixing
  • Fred Stark – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Patrick Adams and David Jordan, except where noted.

  1. Baby Won’t You Change Your Mind
  2. Just Leave Me Some
  3. Push Come to Shove
  4. Time Is Love
  5. Spinning Around – David Jordan, June Anderson, Patrick Adams
  6. If I Could Be a Mirror
  7. It’s Time to Say Goodbye
  8. One Way Ticket to Loveland
  9. No It’s And’s or But’s
  10. Wishful Thinking

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