They Might Be Giants: Book

On November 12, 2021, “Idlewild” label released “Book”, the 23rd They Might Be Giants studio album. It was recorded in 2021, and was produced by Pat Dillett.


  • John Flansburgh – vocals, guitars, programming
  • John Linnell – vocals, keyboards, woodwinds
  • Dan Miller – guitars
  • Danny Weinkauf – bass guitar
  • Marty Beller – drums, percussion
  • Stan Harrison – baritone saxophone, flute
  • Curt Ramm – trumpet
  • Dan Levine – trombone, bass trombone
  • Pat Dillett – mixing

Track listing:

All track by John Flansburgh and John Linnell, except where noted.

  1. Synopsis for Latecomers
  2. Moonbeam Rays
  3. I Broke Ny Own Rule
  4. Brontosaurus
  5. Lord Snowdown
  6. If Day for Winnipeg
  7. I Can’t Remember the Dream
  8. Drown the Clown
  9. Darling, the Dose
  10. I Lost Thursday
  11. Part of You Wants to Believe Me
  12. Super Cool
  13. Wait Actually Yeah No
  14. Quit the Circus
  15. Less Than One

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