On June 25, 2021.

On June 25, 2021, “Merge” label released “Dark in Here”, the 20th Mountain Goats studio album. It was recorded in 2021, at “Fames Studios” in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and was produced by Matt Ross-Spang.


  • John Darnielle – vocals. guitars, piano
  • Matt Douglas – piano, guitar, woodwinds
  • Peter Hughes – bass
  • Jon Wurster – drums, percussion
  • Spooner Oldham – Hammond B-3, Wurlitzer organ
  • Will McFarlane – guitar
  • Susan Marshall – vocal harmony
  • Reba Russell – vocal harmony
  • Matt Ross-Spang – engineer
  • Shana Gandhi – mixing
  • Brent Lambert – mastering
  • John Lee Gifford – production assistant

Track listing:

All tracks by John Darnielle.

  1. Parisian Enclave
  2. The Destruction of the Kola Superdeep Borehole Tower
  3. Mobile
  4. Dark in Here
  5. Lizard Suit
  6. When a Powerful Animal Comes
  7. To the Headless Horseman
  8. The new Hydra Collection
  9. The Slow Parts on Death Metal Albums
  10. Before I Got There
  11. Arguing with the Ghost of Peter Laughner About His Coney Island Baby Review
  12. Let Me Bathe in Demonic Light

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