On April 2, 2021.

On April 2, 2021, “Go Wow” label released through digital platforms “Godspeed”, the fourth Glasvegas studio album. It was recorded 2020 – 2021, in Glasgow, Scotland, and was produced by James Allan.


  • James Allan – vocals, recording, artwork, illustrations, design
  • Rab Allam – guitar
  • Paul Donoghue – bass
  • Jonna Lofgren – drums
  • Cenzo Townsend, Darren Lawson – mixing
  • Rob Sellens Camden Clerk – mixing assistant
  • Frank Arkwright – mastering
  • Angela McCluskey – photography

Track listing:

All tracks are written by James Allan except where noted.

  1. Parked Car (Exterior)
  2. Dive
  3. Dying to Live
  4. Shake the Cage (für Theo)
  5. Keep Me a Space
  6. Parked Car (Interior) – Bernard Hermann
  7. Cupid’s Dark Disco
  8. My Body Is a Glasshouse (A Thousand Stones Ago)
  9. In My Mirror
  10. Stay Lit
  11. Godspeed

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