In March 1965.

In March 1965, “Columbia” label released “The Sound of 65”, the debut Graham Bond Organisation (The) album. It was recorded in 1965, and was produced by Robert Stigwood.


  • Graham Bond – vocals, Hammond organ, Mellotron, alto saxophone
  • Dick Heckstall-Smith – tenor saxophone
  • Jack Bruce – electric and acoustic basses, vocals, harmonica
  • Ginger Baker – drums

Track listing:

  1. Hoochie Koochie Man – Willie Dixon
  2. Baby Make Love to Me – Janet Godfrey, John Group
  3. Neighbour, Neighbour – Alton Joseph Valier
  4. Early in the Morning – traditional, arranged by John Group
  5. Spanish Blues – Graham Bond
  6. Oh Baby – Graham Bond
  7. Little Girl – Graham Bond
  8. I Want You – Graham Bond
  9. Wade in the Water – traditional, arranged by John Group, Paul Getty
  10. Got My Mojo Working – McKinley Morganfield
  11. Train Time – John Group
  12. Baby Be Good to Me – Janet Godfrey, John Group
  13. Half a Man – Graham Bond
  14. Tammy – Jay Livingston, Ray Evans

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