On March 17, 1998.

On March 17, 1998, “Shanachie Records” label released “Two Kinds of Laughter”, the seventh Sara Hickman album. It was recorded in 1997, and was produced by Adrian Belew.

  • Sara Hickman – vocal, guitar
  • Adrian Belew – guitar
  • Ken Latchney – engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Sara Hickman, except where noted.

  1. Two Kinds of Laughter
  2. Take Whatever I Can Get – Goldsen, Sara Hickman
  3. I Wear the Crown – Sara Hickman, Trevisick
  4. Coolness by Mistake – Brion, Sara Hickman
  5. Eight
  6. Secret Family
  7. Look at It This Way – Boyd, Sara Hickman
  8. Optimistic Fool – Sara Hickman, Jacobsen
  9. One in Our Happiness – Sara Hickman, Lester
  10. E Cosi Desio Me Mena – Sara Hickman, Lester
  11. Comets over Costa Rica – Sara Hickman, Trevisick
  12. Let Go – Tiven

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