Pete Townshend & Ronnie Lane: Happy Birthday

In February 1970, “Universal Spiritual League” label released “Happy Birthday”, album by Pete Townshend and Ronnie Lane. It was released in commemoration of Meher Baba’s birthday on 25 February, as the first in a series of tribute albums dedicated to Pete Townshend’s spiritual mentor Meher Baba.


  • Pete Townshend
  • Ronnie Lane
  • Ronnie Wood
  • Alan Cohen
  • Ron Geesin
  • Mike Da Costa
  • Vytas Serelis

Track listing:

  1. Content – lyrics by Maud Kennedy
  2. Evolution – Ronnie Lane
  3. Day of Silence – Pete Townshend
  4. Alan Cohen Speaks
  5. Mary Jane – lyrics by Michael Westlake, music by Pete Townshend
  6. Alan Cohen Speaks – lyrics by Meher Baba
  7. The Seeker – Pete Townshend
  8. Begin the Beguine – Cole Porter
  9. With a Smile Up Hus Nose They Entered – music by Ron Geesin
  10. The Love Man – Pete Townshend
  11. Meditation – lyrics by Mike Da Costa

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