Lisa Gerrard: The Mirror Pool

On August 21, 1995, “4AD” label released “The Mirror Pool”, the debut Lisa Gerrard album. It was recorded in 1995, at “Eaton Studio” and “ABC Studios” in Melbourne, Gerrard’s studio in Gippsland, and was produced by Lisa Gerard.


  • Lisa Gerrard – vocals, yang ch’in, arranger, engineer
  • John Bonnar – vocals, keyboards, arranger, conductor
  • Pieter Bourke – vocals, bass tabla, camel drum, small and large derabukka, handclapping
  • Dimitry Kyryakou – vocals, bouzouki, arranger
  • Jacek Tuschewski – vocals, engineer
  • The Victorian Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Robin Gray – engineer
  • Garry Havrillay – engineer
  • Guy Charbonneau – mixing
  • Charlie Bouis – mixing assistant
  • Jacek Tuschewski – cover art
  • Chris Bigg – design
  • Dennis Keeley – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Lisa Gerard, except where noted.

  1. Violina (The Last Embrace)
  2. La Bas (Song of the Drowned)
  3. Persian Love Song (The Silver Gun) – traditional
  4. Sanvean (I Am Your Shadow) – Lisa Gerard, Andrew Claxton
  5. The Rite
  6. Ajhon
  7. Glorafin
  8. Majhnavea’s Music Box
  9. Largo – Handel
  10. Werd
  11. Laurelei – arranged by Lisa Gerard, John Bonnar, Dimitry Kyryakou
  12. Celon
  13. Venteles
  14. Swans
  15. Nilleshna
  16. Gloradin

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