Anavitória: O Tempo É Agora

On August 3, 2018, “Forasteiro” and “Universal” labels released “O Tempo É Agora”, the second Anavitória studio album. It was recorded May – June 2018, and was produced by Tiago Iorc and Moogie Canazio. In 2019, the album won the “Latin Grammy” forBest Portuguese Language Contemporary Pop Album”.


  • Ana Caetano – lead vocals
  • Vitória Falcão – lead vocals
  • Mike Tulio – co lead vocals
  • Tim Pierce – guitars
  • Roberto Pollo – keyboards
  • Jamie Muhoberac – keyboards
  • Sean Hurley — bass
  • Jamie Wollam — drums
  • Moogie Canazio – recording engineer, digital editing
  • Matt Wolach, Bo Bodnar, June Murakawa, Daniel Pampury = recording engineer assistant
  • Felipe Simas – executive producer
  • Isadora Silveira – production manager

Track listing:

  1. Ai, Amor – Ana Caetano
  2. Porgue Eu Te Amo – Ana Caetano, Tiago lorc
  3. Calendário – Ana Caetano
  4. Outrória – Ana Caetano, Mike Tulio
  5. A Gentle Junto – Ana Caetano, Tiago lorc
  6. O Tempo É Agora – Ana Caetano, Vitória Falcão
  7. Preta – Ana Caetano
  8. Canção de Hotel – Ana Caetano, Mike Tulio
  9. Cecilia – Ana Caetano
  10. Se Tudo Acaba – Ana Caetano, Mike Tulio

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