Bearfoot: Follow Me

On July 21, 2006, “Glacier Records” label released “Follow Me”, the third Bearfoot album. It was recorded in 2006, and was produced by Gene Libbea.


  • Annalisa Tornfelt – lead vocals, baritone vocals, high baritone vocals, fiddle, guitar, arranger
  • Angela Oudean – baritone vocals, tenor vocals, fiddle, arranger
  • Kate Hamre – lead vocals, baritone vocals, tenor vocals, acoustic bass, arranger
  • Mike Mickelson – lead vocals, guitar, arranger
  • Jtason Norris – lead vocals, baritone vocals, mandolin, arranger
  • Gene Libbea – arranger

Track listing:

All tracks by Annalisa Tornfelt except where noted.

  1. Molasses
  2. Go on Home
  3. Follow Me
  4. Sweet Pea
  5. Deep River Blues – Anton Delmore, adapted by Doc Watson
  6. Just Stay
  7. Easier Days – Jason Norris
  8. Village idiot
  9. The Most Lonely
  10. The Blackets Crow – traditional
  11. Little Bird – Becky Buller
  12. Sold My Soul to an Angel

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