Switchfoot: The Legend of Chin

On June 17, 1997, “re:think Records” label released “The Legend of Chin”, the debut Switchfoot studio album. It was recorded in 1997 at “Signature Sound” in San Diego, California, and was produced by Jimmie Lee Sloas.


  • Jon Foreman – vocals, guitar
  • Tim Foreman – bass, backing vocals
  • Chad Butler – drums, percussion
  • Eric Darken – percussion
  • Jimmie Lee Sloas – guitar
  • Charlie Peacock – Rhodes, trumpet
  • Lucas Eddens – scratching, turntables
  • David Davidson – strings
  • Peter Hyrka – strings
  • Kristin Wilkinson – strings
  • Matt Slocum – strings

Track listing:

All tracks by Jon Foreman, except where noted.

  1. Bomb
  2. Chem 6A
  3. Underwater – Jon Foreman, Casey Gee
  4. Edge of My Seat
  5. Home
  6. Might Have Been Hur
  7. Concrete Girl
  8. Life and Love and Why
  9. You
  10. Ode to Chin
  11. Don’t Be There

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