Built To Spill: Untethered Moon

On April 18, 2015, “Warner Bros” label released “Untethered Moon”, the eighth Built to Spill studio album. It was recorded in 2014, at “Jackpot! Recording Studio” in Portland, Oregon, and was produced by Doug Martsch and Sam Coomes.


  • Doug Martsch – lead and backing vocals, guitar, cover photography
  • Sam Coomes – piano, mellotron, keyboards, shaker 
  • Jason Albertini – bass
  • Steve Gere – drums
  • Caitlin Gallupe, Duncan MacConnell, Jordan Minkoff – backing vocals
  • Adam Lee – recording, mixing
  • Larry Crane – recording
  • Sam Coomes – recording, mixing
  • Travis Harrison – mixing
  • Jeremy Sherrer – mixing
  • Jamal Ruhe – mastering
  • Erin Cunningham – painting
  • Doug Martsch, Karena Youtz, Tamara Shores – design
  • John Shinn – band photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Doug Martsch, Sam Coomes, Jason Albertini and Steve Gere, with contribution in the lyrics by Karena Youtz.

  1. All Our Songs
  2. Living Zoo
  3. On the Way
  4. Some Other Song
  5. Never Be the Same
  6. C.R.E.B.
  7. Another Day
  8. Horizon to Cliff
  9. So
  10. When I’m Blind

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