On March 13, 2020.

On March 13, 2020, “Prolifica” label released “Sad Happy”, the fourth Circa Waves studio album. It was recorded in 2019, and was produced by James Dring and Kieran Shudall.


  • Kieran Shudall – vocals, guitar, keyboards, mellotron, engineer, mixing, photography
  • Joe Falconer – vocal, guitar
  • Sam Rourke – bass, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Colin Jones – vocal, drums
  • Heather Shudall – background vocals
  • Gillian Maguire – strings
  • Matt Wiggins – engineer, mixing
  • Dan Grech-Marguerat – mixing
  • Robin Schmidt – mastering
  • Gillian Hyland – artwork, photography
  • Annelise Keestra – design, packaging

Track listing:

All tracks by Kieran Shudall.

Happy track listing:

  1. Jacqueline
  2. Be Your Drug
  3. Move to San Francisco
  4. Wasted on You
  5. The Things We Knew Last Knight
  6. Call Your Name
  7. Love You More

Sad track listing:

  1. Sad Happy
  2. Wake Up Call
  3. Sympathy
  4. Battered & Brused
  5. Hope There’s a Heaven
  6. Train to Lime Street
  7. Birthday Cake

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