Idlewild: Make Another World

On March 5, 2007, “Sequel Records” label released “Make Another World”, the fifth Idlewild studio album. It was recorded in 2006, at “Sub Station” in Rosyth, Scotland, and was produced by Dave Eringa.


  • Roddy Woomble – lead vocal
  • Rod Jones – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Allan Stewart – vocals, guitars
  • Gareth Russell – bass guitar
  • Colin Newton – drums, percussion
  • Inara George – vocals
  • Mick Cooke – trumpet, French horn
  • Tom Smith – trombone
  • Dave Eringa – engineer, mixing
  • Howie Weinberg – mastering
  • An Evil Empire – design, photography

Track listing:

  • All tracks by Roddy Woomble, Rod Jones, Allan Stewart, Gareth Russell and Colin Newton.
  1. In Competition for the Worst Time
  2. Everything (As It Moves)
  3. No Emotion
  4. Make Another World
  5. If It Takes You Home
  6. Future Works
  7. You and I Are Both Away
  8. A Ghost in the Arcade
  9. Once In Your Life
  10. Finished It Remains

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