Tangent: Not as Good as the Book

On March 3, 2008, “Inside Out” label released “Not as Good as the Book”, the fourth Tangent studio album. It was recorded January 2006 – November 2007, and was produced by Andy Tillison.


  • Andy Tillison – vocals, guitars, organ, piano, Moog synthesizer
  • Guy Manning – vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, bouzouki
  • Jonas Reingold – bass guitar
  • Jaime Salazar – drums
  • Theo Travis – saxophone, flute
  • Jakko Jakszyk – vocals, guitars
  • Julie King – vocal
  • Unknown Frenchman – violin
  • Antoine Ettori – artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by Andy Tillison.

A Crisis in Mid-Life

  1. A Crises in Mid-Life
  2. Lost in London 25 years Later
  3. The Ethernet
  4. Celebrity Purée
  5. Not as Good as the Book
  6. A Sale of Two Souls
  7. Bat Out of Basildon

Throwing Metal at the Sky

  1. Part One – Four Egos One War
  2. I. Ours
  3. II. Theirs (incl. Ours Reprise)
  4. III. His

IV. Mine

  • Part Two – The Full Gamut
  • V. The D599
  • VI. Gothenburg
  • VII. Last Tango
  • VIII. Studio Tan
  • IX. Not a Drill
  • X. Southend on Sea
  • XI. The A1 North of Paris
  • XII. Four Last Days
  • XIII. The D599 & The A

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