On February 5, 2008.

On February 5, 2008, “A&M” label released “Detours”, the sixth Sheryl Crow studio album. It was recorded in 2007, at “The Hit Farm” in Nashville, “Odditorium Recorders” in California, “Sage and Sound Studios” in Hollywood, “Glenwood Place Studios” in Burbank, “The Pass Studios” in Los Angeles, “2 Seas Records” in Bahrain, and was produced by Bill Bottrell.


  • Sheryl Crow – vocals, choir, chorus, organ, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano, accordion, handclapping
  • Bill Bottrell – vocals, choir, chorus, organ, synthesizer, acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic bass, synthesizer bass, percussion, pedal steel, drums, marimba, pipe, mellotron, acoustic bass, string arrangements, drum programming, wurlitzer, engineer, mixing,
  • Doyle Bramhall II – electric guitar
  • Mike Elizondo – synthesizer, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums, sampling, drum programming
  • Jeff Trott – acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, vocals, choir, chorus, slide guitar
  • Brian MacLeod – percussion, drums, sampling, drum programming
  • Jeremy Stacey – piano, drums, timbales, vocals, kalimba
  • Ben Harper – vocals
  • Marva Soogrim – vocals
  • Rosanna Arquette – vocals
  • Ahmed AlHirmi – vocals
  • Abdulla AlKhalifa – vocal arrangement, vocal producer
  • Matt Butler – cello
  • Wyatt Crow – noise
  • Greg d’Augelli – brass
  • Mike Rowe – flute sample
  • Eric Fritsch – engineer
  • Matt Tait – engineer
  • Alex Pavlides – assistant engineer
  • Brendan Dekora – assistant engineer
  • Zeph Sowers – assistant engineer
  • Ken Takahashi – assistant engineer
  • David Allen Young – assistant engineer
  • Adrián Agustin – assistant engineer
  • Doug Sax – mastering
  • Teresa Bustillo – assistant
  • Chris Hudson – production coordination
  • Julian Peploe – art direction, package design
  • Catherine Berclaz – art direction, creative director
  • Norman Jean Roy – photography
  • Shari Sutcliffe – contractor

Track listing:

All tracks by Sheryl Crow, except where noted.

  1. God Bless This Mess
  2. Shine over Babylon – lyrics by Sheryl Crow, Bill Bottrell, music by Shery Crow, Bill Bottrell, Brian MacLeod, Eric Schermerhorn
  3. Love Is Free – Sheryl Crow, Bill Bottrell
  4. Peace Be Upon Us – Sheryl Crow, Mike Elizondo, Bill Bottrell, Jeff Trott
  5. Gasoline – Sheryl Crow, Bill Bottrell, Jeff Trott
  6. Out of Our Heads – lyrics by Sheryl Crow, Bill Bottrell, music by Bill Bottrell
  7. Detours
  8. Now That You’re Gone
  9. Drunk with the Thought of You
  10. Diamond Ring – Sheryl Crow, Jeff Trott
  11. Motivation – Sheryl Crow, Bill Bottrell
  12. Make It Go Away (Radiation Song)
  13. Love Is All There Is – Sheryl Crow, Mike Elizondo, Jeff Trott
  14. Lullaby for Wyatt

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