On January 27, 2004.

On January 27, 2004, “Duophonic” label released “Margerine Eclipse”, the eighth Stereolab studio album. It was recorded in 2003, at “Instant Zero” in Bordeaux, France.


  • Lætitia Sadier – vocals, trombone, mixing
  • Tim Gane – electric guitar, electronics, Occ. organ, mixing
  • Dominic Jeffery – organ, electric piano, harpsichord, celeste, mixing
  • Simon Johns – bass, drums, mixing
  • Andy Ramsay – drums, drum machine, mixing
  • Fulton Dingley – drum machine, synthesizer, percussion
  • Sean O’Hagan – keyboards, acoustic and electric guitar
  • Jan St. Werner – “insect orchestra”
  • Fulton Dingley – engineering, mixing

Track listing:

All tracks by Tim Gane and Lætitia Sadier.

  1. Vonal Declosion
  2. Need to Be
  3. …Sudden Stars
  4. Cosmic Country Noir
  5. La Demeure
  6. Margerine Rock
  7. The Man with 100 Cells
  8. Margerine Melodie
  9. Hillbilly Motobike
  10. Feel and Triple
  11. Bop Scotch
  12. Dear Marge

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