On January 24, 2006.

On January 24, 2006, “Silver Mountain Media Group” and “Sony-BMG” labels released “Detrola”, the eighth His Name Is Alive album. It was recorded in 2005, at “Brown Rice Studio” in Detroit, Michigan, and was produced by Warren Defever.


  • Warren Defever – arranger
  • Andrea Francesca Morici – vocals
  • Erika Hoffmann – vocals
  • Lovetta Pippen – vocals
  • Jean Cook – vocals
  • Fender – vocals, saxophone, trumpet
  • Elliot Bergman – bass clarinet, flute, alto saxophone, maracas, piano
  • Faruq Zinji Bey – saxophone
  • Justin Walter – trumpet
  • Jacob Danziger – strings, violin
  • Jamie Saltsman – upright bass, bass instrument, strings
  • Scott Goldstein – drums
  • Daniel Piccolo – drums
  • Gentle Jamie – percussion
  • Olman Piedra – percussion
  • Hitoko Shakai – bells, drawing
  • Davin Brainard – drawing
  • Dion Fischer – drawing

Track listing:

All tracks by Warren Defever.

  1. Introduction (The Darkest Night)
  2. After I Leave U (Maybe Again When I Leave U)
  3. I Thought I Saw (Mama Don’t You Think I Know)
  4. In My Dreams (Sometimes Screw)
  5. *C*A*T*S* (Here Forever Always)
  6. Your Bones
  7. You Need a Heart (You Need a Heart to Live)
  8. You and Me
  9. Get Your Curse (Summer Left Your Heart Behind)
  10. Seven Minutes (Seven Minutes In Heaven)
  11. Send My Face (I’ll Send My Face to Your Funeral)

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