On January 16, 1991.

On January 16, 1991, “Sire” label released “Native Son”, the debut Judybats album. It was recorded in 1990 and was produced by Richard Gottehrer.


  • Jeff Heiskell – vocals
  • Johnny Sughrue – vocals, acoustic guitar, photography
  • Ed Winters – electric guitar
  • Peggy Hambright – vocals, violin, keyboards, illustrations, design
  • Tim Stutz – vocals, bass guitar
  • Terry Casper – drums, design

All tracks by Jeff Heiskell, Johnny Sughrue, Ed Winters, Peggy Hambright, Tim Stutz, and Terry Casper.

  1. Native Son
  2. Daylight
  3. Convalescing in Spain
  4. Don’t Drop the Baby
  5. She Lives (In a Time of Her Own) – Tommy Hall, Roky Erickson
  6. Incognito
  7. In Like With You
  8. Woman in the Garden
  9. Waiting for the Rain
  10. Counting Sheep
  11. Perfumed Lies
  12. The Wanted Man

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