On December 10, 1996.

On December 10, 1996, “Drag City” label released “Lama Rabi Rabi”, the fourth Ghost album. It was recorded in 1996, and was produced by Taishi Takizawa.


  • Masaki Batoh – vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Kazuo Ogino – piano, electronics
  • Michio Kurihara – guitars
  • Taishi Takizawa – teremin, flute, saxophone
  • Junichi Yamamoto – drums, percussion
  • Iwao Yamazaki – vocal, drums

Track listing:

  1. Masttillah
  2. RabiRabi
  3. Into the Alley
  4. Marrakech
  5. Who Found a Lost Rose in the Warship?
  6. Mex Square Blue
  7. My Hump is a Shell
  8. Bad Bone
  9. Abyssinia
  10. Agate Scape
  11. Summer’s Ashen Fable

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