On November 16, 1976.

On November 16, 1976, “CBS” label released “L’Heptade”, the third and final Harmonium album. It was recorded June – October 1976.


  • Serge Fiori – lead and background vocals, guitar, flute, percussion
  • Neil Chotem – electric piano, keyboards, celeste, arranger
  • Michel Normandeau – vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, accordion
  • Serge Locat – piano, electric piano, organ, keyboards, mellotron, synthesizer
  • Monique Fauteux – lead and background vocals, keyboards
  • Louis Valois – vocals, piano, electric piano, bass, musical director
  • Robert Stanley – acoustic and electric guitars
  • Denis Farmer – drums, percussion, noise
  • Libert Subirana – alto saxophone, clarinet, flute, wind
  • Pierre Bertrand – vocals, background vocals
  • Estelle St. Croix – vocals, background vocals
  • Richard Séguin – vocals, background vocals
  • Anthony Chotem – guitar, classical guitar
  • Mike LaChance – percussion
  • Peter Bowman – oboe
  • Nelson Vipond – engineer
  • John Williams – art direction

All interludes by Neil Chotem. All music by Serge Fiori except where noted. All lyrics by Serge Fiori and Michel Normandeau except where noted.

  1. Prologue (interlude)
  2. Comme un fou – music by Serge Fiori, Michel Normandeau
  3. Sommeil sans rêves (interlude)
  4. Chanson noire
    1. A. Le Bien, le Mal – lyrics by Serge Fiori
    1. B. Pour une blanche cérémonie – music by Serge Fiori, Serge Locat

5. Le Premier Ciel

  • L’Appel (Interlude)
    • Le Premier Ciel

6. L’Exil

  • Sur une corde raide (Interlude)
    • L’Exil – lyrics by Serge Fiori

7. Le Corridor

  • Le Corridor
    • Les Premières Lumières (Interlude)

8. Lumières de vie

  • A. Lumières de nuit
    • B. Éclipse – music by Neil Chotem
    • C. Lumière de jour – music by Serge Locat
    • D. Lumière de vie – music by Serge Fiori, Serge Locat, Louis Valois

9. Comme un sage

  • Prélude d’amour (Interlude)
    • Comme un sage – lyrics by Serge Fiori
    • Épilogue (interlude)

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