On November 9, 1984.

On November 9, 1984, “Mercury” label released “Fried”, the second Julian Cope studio album. It was recorded in 1984, and was produced by Steve Lovell.


  • Julian Cope – vocals, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, piano, organ
  • Steve Lovell – electric guitar, recorder solo
  • Donald Ross Skinner – slide and electric guitar
  • Chris Whitten – drums
  • Steve “Brother Johnno” Johnson – electric guitar
  • Kate St. John – oboe
  • David Carter – tuba
  • Paul King – production supervisor
  • Paul “Chas” Watkins – recording engineer
  • P. St. John Nettleton – art direction, design
  • Donato Cinicolo – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Julian Cope.

  1. Reynard the Fox
  2. Bill Drummond Said
  3. Laughing Boy
  4. Me Singing
  5. Sunspots
  6. The Bloody Assizes
  7. Search Party
  8. O King of Chaos
  9. Holy Love
  10. Torpedo

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