Keith Jarrett: A Multitude of Angels

On November 4, 1996, “ECM” label released “A Multitude of Angels”, a four-CD collection of Keith Jarrett solo piano performances. It was recorded in October 1996, at “Teatro Comunale” in Modena, “Teatro Comunale” in Ferrara, “Teatro Regino” in Torino, and “Teatro Carlo Felice” in Genova, Italy, and was produced by Keith Jarrett.


  • Keith Jarrett – piano, engineer, liner notes
  • Manfred Eicher – mastering
  • Cristoph Stickel – mastering
  • Daniela Yohannes – painting
  • Steve Cloud – painting
  • Sascha Kleis – layout
  • Henry Leutwyler – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Keith Jarrett, except where noted.

  1. Part I
  2. Part II
  3. Danny Boy – Frederic Weatherly
  4. Part I
  5. Part II
  6. Encore
  7. Part I
  8. Part II
  9. Part I
  10. Part II
  11. Encore
  12. Over the Rainbow – E.Y. Harburg, Harold Arlen

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