On October 15, 1996.

On October 15, 1996, “Gramavision” label released “Shack-man”, the fourth Medeski Martin & Wood studio album. It was recorded in June 1996, at “The Snack” in Hawaii, and was produced by John Medeski, Billy Martin, Chris Wood and David Baker.


  • John Medeski – Hammond B3 organ, clavinet, Wurlitzer electric piano, Pianet T, toy piano, Yamaha CSO1 II
  • Billy Martin – drums, percussion, artwork
  • Chris Wood – acoustic bass, electric basses, guitar
  • David Baker – recording engineer, mixing
  • Carl Green, Mark Kindermann – recording engineer assistant
  • Katsu Naito – mixing
  • Bob Ward 0 editing
  • Dr. Toby Mountain – mastering
  • Hans Wendl – executive producer
  • Michael Macioce – band photography

Track listing:

All tracks by John Medeski, Billy Martin, and Chris Wood except where noted.

  1. Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus – traditional, arr. by John Medeski, Billy Martin, Chris Wood
  2. Think
  3. Dracula
  4. Bubblehouse
  5. Henduck
  6. Strance of the Spirit Red Gator
  7. Spy Kiss
  8. Lifeblood
  9. Jelly Belly
  10. Night Marchers
  11. Kenny

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