On October 3, 2005.

On October 3, 2005, “Gott Discs” label released “The Quality of Mercy”, the sixth Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel studio album. It was recorded in 2005 and was produced by Steve Harley and Jim Cregan.


  • Steve Harley – vocals, guitar
  • Robbie Gladwell – acoustic and electric guitar, backing vocals
  • Barry Wickens – violin, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  • James Lascelles – keyboards
  • Lincoln Anderson – bass
  • Adam Houghton – drums
  • Kerr Nice – piano
  • Tony Ryan – pedal steel
  • Mike Batt – piano, string quartet arrangement
  • Jim Cregan – guitar solo
  • Pat Grueber – recording engineer
  • Matt Butler – remix engineer, engineer
  • Steve Sale – engineer
  • Denis Blackham – mastering
  • Mick Rock – cover photo
  • Mark Scarfe – sleeve design

Track listing:

Al tracks by Steve Harley except where noted.

  1. The Last Goodbye – Steve Harley, Jim Cregan
  2. Journey’s End (A Father’s Promise) – Steve Harley, Lincoln Anderson, Robbie Gladwell, James Lascelles, Barry Wickens
  3. Saturday Night at the Fair
  4. No Rain on This Parade
  5. The Coast of Amalfi
  6. The Last Feast
  7. Save Me (From Myself)
  8. When the Halo Slips – Steve Harley, Jim Cregan
  9. A Friend for Life – Steve Harley, Jim Cregan

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