On September 5, 1995.

On September 5, 1995, “Alligator” label released “Blue Streak”, the 19th Luther Allison album. It was recorded in 1995 and was produced by Jim Gaines, Luther Allison, and James Solberg.


  • Luther Allison– vocals, guitar
  • James Solberg– guitar
  • Ernest Williamson – keyboards
  • Dave Smith – bass
  • Steve Potts– drums
  • Mike Vlahakis– keyboards
  • Ken Faltinson– bass
  • Robb Stupka– drums
  • Bruce McCabe– piano
  • Charlie Bingham – rhythm guitar
  • The Memphis Horns– horn section
  • Jacqueline Johnson – background vocals
  • Jacqueline Reddick– background vocals

Track listing:

  1. All the King’s Horses – Luther Allison, James Solberg
  2. What Have I Done Wrong? – Maghett, Magic Sam
  3. Big City – Luther Allison, James Solberg
  4. Move from the Hood – Luther Allison, James Solberg
  5. What’s Going On in My Home? – Luther Allison, James Solberg
  6. I Believe in Me – Luther Allison, James Solberg
  7. Cherry Red Wine – Luther Allison
  8. Walking Papers – Luther Allison, James Solberg
  9. Think With Your Heart – Luther Allison, James Solberg
  10. You Don’t Know – Luther Allison, James Solberg
  11. Should I Wait? – Luther Allison
  12. Midnight Creepster – Luther Allison

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