On August 13, 1996.

On August 13, 1996, “Swell” label released “Friction, Baby”, the third Better Than Ezra studio album. It was recorded March – April 1996 and was produced by Don Gehman.


  • Kevin Griffin– vocals, guitar
  • Tom Drummond– bass
  • Travis McNabb– drums
  • Joan Wasser– violin
  • Peter Holsapple – piano, organ, mandolin
  • Anthony Dagrade – saxophone, clarinet, flute
  • Jamil Sharie – trumpet
  • Mark Mullins – trombone
  • Matthew Perrine – tuba
  • Lawrence Sieberth – piano
  • James Arthur Payne – guitar

 Track listing:

All tracks by Kevin Griffin.

  1. King of New Orleans
  2. Rewind
  3. Long Lost
  4. Normal Town
  5. Scared, Are You?
  6. Return of the Post Moderns
  7. Hung the Moon
  8. Desperately Wanting
  9. Still Life With Cooley
  10. WWOZ
  11. Happy Endings
  12. Speeding Up to Slow Down
  13. At Ch. Degaulle, Etc.
  • “Mejor de Ezra – starts at 3:20 into the track

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