On August 9, 1994.

On August 9, 1994, “Echo” label released “Autogeddon”, the eleventh Julian Cope album. It was recorded in 1994 and was produced by Julian Cope.


  • Julian Cope – vocals, guitars, photography
  • Michael “Moon-Eye” Watts – guitars
  • Donald Ross Skinner – bass, keyboards
  • Thighpaulsandra – keyboards, synthesizer, mixing, photography
  • Mark “Rooster” Cosby – drums
  • K-R Frost (Richard Frost) – keyboards
  • Mavis Grind (Dorian Cope)
  • Jill Frost
  • Shaun Harvey – recording, mixing, additional recording
  • Rob Carter – sleeve
  • Sebastian Shelton – executive producer

Track listing:

All tracks by Julian Cope.

  1. Autogeddon Blues
  2. Madmax
  3. Don’t Call Me Mark Chapman
  4. I Gotta Walk
  5. Ain’t No Gettin’ Round Getting’ Roud
  6. Paranormal in the West Country (medley: Paranormal pt. 1/Archdrude’s Roadtrip/Kar-ma-kanik
  7. Ain’t But the One Way
  8. s*t*a*r*c*a*r*

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