On August 7, 2001.

On August 7, 2001, “Beyond Records” label released “Closer”, the fifth Better Than Ezra studio album. It was recorded in January 2001 and was produced by Brad Wood and Ethan Allen.


  • Kevin Griffin– vocals, guitar, piano
  • Tom Drummond– bass
  • Travis McNabb– drums
  • Mark Mullins – trombone
  • Eric Lucero – trumpet
  • David Campbell- string arrangements
  • Guenevere Measham – cello
  • Leah Katz – viola
  • Daphne Chen – violin
  • Melissa Reiner – violin
  • James Arthur Payne – guitar
  • Toddy Walters– backing vocals
  • DJ Swamp– turntables
  • DJ Wolf(Chick Wolverton) – keyboards, turntables
  • Michael Goods– Rhodes, organ

Track listing:

All tracks by Kevin Griffin

  1. Misunderstood
  2. Extra Ordinary
  3. Closer
  4. Rolling
  5. A Lifetime
  6. Recognize
  7. Sincerely, Me
  8. Get You In
  9. Briefly
  10. Juarez
  11. I Do

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