On July 30, 2013.

On July 30, 2013, “RCA” label released “Rhythm & Blues”, the 16th Buddy Guy studio album. It was recorded in 2013, at “Blackbird Studio” in Nashville, Tennessee, and was produced by Tom Hambridge.


  • Buddy Guy – lead vocals, guitar
  • Tom Hambridge- drums, tambourine, elephant bells, background vocals
  • Reese Wynans- piano, Hammond B3, Wurlitzer
  • Kevin McKendree- piano, Hammond B3, Wurlitzer
  • Michael Rhodes– bass
  • Tommy McDonald – bass
  • David Grissom– guitar
  • Rob McNelley – guitar, slide guitar
  • Keith Urban– vocals, guitar
  • Beth Hart– vocals
  • Steven Tyler– vocals
  • Joe Perry– guitar
  • Brad Whitford– guitar
  • Gary Clark, Jr.– vocals, guitar
  • The McCrary Sisters- background vocals
  • Jessica Wagner-Cowan, Herschel Boone, Shannon Kurfmann – background vocals
  • Wendy Moten – background vocals
  • Muscle Shoals Horns
  • Charles Rose – trombone, horn arrangements
  • Steve Herrman – trumpet
  • Jim Horn- baritone saxophone
  • Harvey Thompson – tenor saxophone
  • Chris Carmichael– strings, string arrangement
  • Ducky Carlisle – recording engineer

Track listing:

Disc One – Rhythm

  1. Best in Town – Buddy Guy, Tom Hambridge, Richard Fleming
  2. Justifyin – Buddy Guy, Tom Hambridge
  3. I Go by Feel – Tom Hambridge, Gary Nicholson
  4. Messin’ with the Kid – Mel London
  5. What’s Up with That Woman –Tom Hambridge
  6. One Day Away – Tom Hambridge, Richard Fleming, Scott Holt
  7. Well I Done Got Over It – Eddie “Guitar Slim” Jones
  8. What You Gonna Do About – Tom Hambridge, Lee Roy Parnell, Gary Nicholson
  9. The Devil’s Daughter – Buddy Guy, To Hambridge
  10. Whiskey Ghost – Tom Hambridge, Gary Nicholson
  11. Rhythm Inner Groove – Buddy Guy, Tom Hambridge

Disc Two – Blues

  1. Meet Me in Chicago – Tom Hambridge, Robert Randolph
  2. Too Damn Bad – Tom Hambridge, Richard Fleming
  3. Evil Twin – Tom Hambridge, Richard Fleming
  4. I Could Die Happy – Tom Hambridge, Richard Fleming
  5. Never Gonna Change – Tom Hambridge, David Gogo
  6. All That Makes Me Happy Is the Blues – Tom Hambridge, Gary Nicholson
  7. My Mama Loved Me – Tom Hambridge, Richard Fleming
  8. Blues Don’t Care – Tom Hambridge, Richard Fleming
  9. I Came Up Hard – Buddy Guy, Tom Hambridge, Richard Fleming
  10. Poison Ivey – Mel London


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